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Sun is fun, until it burns your leaves and rots your roots

I love herbs. They are amazing in many ways, versatile and just as we know them, they add the finer details to our life without us being fully aware of it.

Same for flowers and plants in general, but as much as I studied their compositions and how to use them - I am just not good at growing them. I consider(ed) that to be a full on job and I didn't dwell into it because my ADD would make that my new personality and we lack the grounds for it and I just had it in my head that it is a very time consuming affair.

I really thought all plants need light without making a distinction between direct sunlight and indirect or that plants must be watered every week. Well, not the ones we have. Not many but we have some which despite all odds still survive.

We went away for two weeks and basically almost everything died out. My mom gave us some plant babies and we had no clue what they were but who was I to say no to her. So, we learned, more specifically Remco had the wise idea to look up what plants we have and how to take care of them. Well, folks - we do not have to water our plants every week but every 2 weeks and equally only some can be right next to our scorching window(s) and some need to be within light but not in the full blaze of it. We moved three of them and 2 were babies with roots which caught very tight into the ground and the other one which was older, my favorite, and apparently toxic to our two cats, went through a growing spurt in just a few weeks.

So, when you feel that you must have the best moment (spot light), the highest abundance of resources (water) and you are trying your best, yet still not growing - step back - reassess yourself and your goals and research what can be done differently - ever so slightly and you might be surprised that we do not need to give it all out, take it all in full bare chest. It can exhaust us, burn us out and we are still nowhere near our goals.

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